Since 2000, Robby Berthume has been a serial entrepreneur. Named "20 in their 20s" by Los Angeles Biz Journal by the age of 23 and featured in numerous publications, he has helped hundreds of people grow themselves and their businesses. He is the co-founder and CEO of Bull & Beard and Millennial Entrepreneur.


WHO: Marketing and technology maven, mentor, motivator and matchmaker for marketers, entrepreneurs and agency execs with nearly twenty years of experience guiding the way. Husband, homeschooler and father of three beautiful kids: Nai'a, Sereia and Fisher.

WHAT: Co-founder and CEO of Bull & Beard, a B2B matchmaking company specializing in marketing and technology services. Co-founder of MANE, an overseas web development company. Co-founder of Millennial Entrepreneur, an education and entertainment start-up. Author of Millennial Entrepreneur, a book of interviews with millionaire millennial entrepreneurs. Occasional Speaker, Infrequent Investor and a Consultant who prefers Coaching. Robby is also a mentor and mediator to entrepreneurs, agency owners and business partners.

WHY: To leave a legacy of love. To serve God and serve others, through actions as much as words. To lead others through service. To equip, entertain and inform. To have the freedom to soak up the fleeting moments our memories are made of. And most of all, to connect people with each other. Because we're always better together.

HOW: Robby started his first digital agency at 14 (in the year 2000), graduated high school at 16 and left for college while running my agency a few months after turning 17. He earned a degree in marketing while running his first business and was juggling dozens of marketing and technology projects with a full-time course-load. After graduating, taking on a business partner and moving to LA in 2008, he was named to Los Angeles Business Journal’s “Twenty in Their Twenties" only a year later. In 2010, Robby decided to move on and took the helm of three ad agencies, building teams firing on all cylinders and leading brand, marketing and digital strategies. His primary focus, though: sales and business development (building relationships, creating opportunities and winning every pitch he was a part of). In mid-2013, Robby co-founded Bull & Beard, a B2B matchmaking company serving entrepreneurs, agency execs and the C-suite. In 2016, Robby co-founded Millennial Entrepreneur.

WITH WHOM: I wouldn't be anywhere without the many people in my life who've helped me get to this point (whether by being saints or sinners). I want to give a special shout-out to my wife, my business partner and my parents. 

Robby is fabulously energetic, experienced, and intuitive. His passion for his work is contagious and something to be envied by every professional. I have learned more about advertising, digital strategy, and technology working under Robby than anywhere else.
— Mark Katherine Raffaniello, Facebook

past clients

  • Fujitsu
  • Burroughs & Chapin
  • Inmar
  • Fruit of the Loom
  • Visit Florida
  • PayPal
  • Lowe's Home Improvement
  • Wake Forest University
  • Anthos
  • National Center for Families Learning
  • American Petroleum Institute
  • eBay